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Cordless Phone Buying Guide

Cordless Phone Buying GuideThere is a huge choice of digital cordless phones offered by various manufacturers, and it can be tough to discover exactly what you’re trying to find specifically when going shopping online. If you require a brand-new cordless phone for the house, then this guide will provide you the tools you have to make the best option.

Home phones can offer boosted security since they are linked to your address, consisting of the home number, so a 911 operator understands precisely where to send out assistance even if you cannot talk. And they provide much better efficiency.

When selecting a cordless phone, there are lots of aspects to think about, consisting of whether you desire a voice mail function, multi-line assistance, battery backup, capability to sync with Microsoft Outlook (excellent for workplace environments) and more.

Calling All Shopping Tips

Here are some things to bear in mind when you buy a brand-new cordless phone.

Select the Number of Extensions

Single-handset phones are best for smaller sized houses where you’re never far from the phone. Otherwise, you may be better with a multiple-handset phone, which supports (and typically consists of) several handsets from one base. Each additional handset beings in its charging cradle, without the requirement of a phone jack, making it much easier to station a phone where you desire it. With some designs, you can purchase a replacement handset and charging cradle.

Decide on the Features You Want

Many phones feature caller ID, a headset jack, a speakerphone, and ringer in both the base and handset. Examine the phone’s product packaging or download the user’s manual from the manufacturer’s site to verify you’re getting the features you desire. The more features a phone has, usually the greater its price.

Weigh Performance Factors
Many cordless phones have great total voice quality. Some are exceptional, approaching the voice quality of the premier corded phones. The majority of completely charged batteries supplied 8 hours or more of constant discussion before they required charging. Keep in mind: When the battery cannot hold a charge, a replacement battery, ordinarily exclusive, expenses about $10 to $25. Some phones use less-expensive AA or AAA rechargeable batteries, which can be recycled.

Cordless Phone Buying Guide

Choose It Up & Try It Out
Go to a seller and hold the handset to see whether it fits the shapes of your face. The earpiece ought to have rounded edges and a recessed center that fits perfectly over the middle of your ear. Examine the buttons and controls to make sure they’re fairly sized and readable.

Think About Usability Issues
More brand-new phones have styles to boost functionality. That consists of easier-to-read buttons and screens, visual “ringers” that indicate an inbound call, talking caller ID, and volume increase, among others of the choices.

Battery Backup
The majority of cordless phones will not work without electrical power unless they have some power backup system. Some have a compartment in the charging base for an extra handset battery pack or alkaline batteries for base-power backup. Others use the kept power from the handset’s battery to run.

Do Not Discard Your Corded Phones
Maintained at least one corded phone with standard landline service in your house, if just for emergency situations. For the majority of such designs we’ve evaluated, the corded phone does not need Air Conditioner power to make and get calls, although electronic features such as the lit up display and integrated phone directory site may not work. Remember that any phone linked to VoIP services or fiber-optic networks will not work if you lose electrical power and do not have a backup battery for the phone modem.

Know the Return Policy
Before purchasing, examine the return policy in case you come across unforeseen issues in the home that you cannot deal with, such as cordless disturbance.

The number of handsets do I require?
The majority of contemporary digital cordless phones have a capacity for approximately six handsets. Choosing the number of handsets you require or may assist you to limit your search. If you have an interest in a multi-pack of DECT phones or may prefer to include additional handsets at a later date, then you must examine exactly what the optimum number the handsets the design is expandable too. Having more than one handset (in addition to enabling you to put a handset in more than one space) usually provides additional features such as call transfer, intercom (internal calls), phone book sharing or phone book transfer, and often more.


We hope this purchasing guide has offered you a clear beginning point on the best ways to discover the ideal cordless phone for you. For info on more particular cordless phones choose from among the Buying Guides listed below or begin looking for Cordless Phones now.

Cordless Phone Buying Guide

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