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Dive Computer Buying Guide

Dive Computer Buying GuideDivers have been diving securely with dive tables for several years before dive computer systems were developed. However, there is no doubt that considering that their intro in the early 80’s, scuba divers have been diving a lot longer, much safer, and having more enjoyable.

Purchasing a dive computer system isn’t as easy as selecting the very first one you see out there. With Such numerous various designs, type, and features to pick from, discovering the ideal one can take a bit of digging and research study.

However, precisely what if you do not know exactly what to try to find when purchasing a dive computer system?

At the end of this sort dive computer system buying guide, you will be equipped with all the info you have to discover the ideal dive computer system and make your choice a bit much easier.

Why You Need a Dive Computer

No matter exactly what you might hear, you can dive without a dive computer.For years before dive computer systems were created, individuals securely dove and enjoyed themselves tremendously. That being stated, are dive computer systems a tool that makes diving navigation, decompression stop computations, log details event, and a lot more an efficient tool? DEFINITELY!

Dive computer systems must not be acquired on an impulse; put in the time to do some research study and figure out which features you require, which features you ‘d like, and which features you didn’t understand were readily available. As soon as you’ve done a little research, you’ll find that there is a dive computer system out there for you O ¨ maybe 2 or 3!


A crucial element to any scuba diver’s equipment is his/her compass. It lets you understand where you’re heading and ways to return to your boat or coast.

Some dive computer systems enable you to supplement or change your old compass. They use digital screens of your heading and do not need you to have the instrument completely level to work effectively.

Dive computer systems take the mathematics from diving, consisting of some possibly life-saving estimations.

Depth Gauge
Dive computer systems can change or supplement your depth gauge; likewise, they can more precisely tape your various depths. Unless you invest every minute of your dives taking a look at your depth gauge, you will most likely rate a few of the depths experienced throughout the dive, which can adversely impact your decompression stop computations. Dive computer systems thoroughly identify just how much time was invested at each depth while enabling you to take pleasure in the surrounding landscapes.

Among the fundamental functions that dive computer systems provide is decompression computations. Based on your dive’s period and depths, a dive computer system will determine the number of decompression stops you have to make and at exactly what depths. Lots of dive computer systems will carry out modified decompression stops estimations need to the scuba diver unintentionally miss out on a deco stop or ascend before the deco stop was to end.

Some dive computer systems likewise determine no-fly times. This is vital for chauffeurs who depend on a flight at the end of their trips. After a dive, nitrogen gradually launches from your body, by rising in an aircraft, any staying nitrogen in your body can broaden, due to the lower pressure on your body as the aircraft rises. By carrying out a no-fly estimation, the dive computer system lets you understand when you can securely fly next.

Dive Computer Buying Guide

All computer systems use a dive log function that permits you to evaluate your finished dives. The variety of dives logged differs by the computer system; before choosing a computer system, ensure it will tape-record enough dives at any provided time.

Older dive computer systems just revealed the most current dive. Now, the more recent designs tend to maintain the information for a minimum of 10 dives.

PC Compatible
Some dive computer systems use the capability to download your dive information to a personal computer. This permits you to produce a long-term record of your dives and supplements that lots of dive computer systems just keep the information of your ten latest dives.

The capability to download from your dive computer system to a PC needs that you acquire software with a user interface. The software will enable concealed your dive into charts to reveal the various depths attained throughout a dive and the time invested at each depth. More advanced dive computer systems will likewise display climb rate offenses (aka missed out on decompression stops and fast climbs), air intake (if the computer system is air-integrated), and the forecasted nitrogen load in your tissues.

The sample to the right is a dive log after the details were downloaded from a dive computer system to a PC.

Air/Nitrox Integrated
A primary dive computer system just keeps track of depth and time; this implies you’ll still have to use a pressure gauge and compass. If you ‘d like to eliminate your pressure gauge, you’ll wish to pick an air-integrated dive computer system. This alternative permits you to run an airline from your tank to your computer system. Air-integrated dive computer systems can display info such as airtime staying, bottom time staying, and your tank’s existing PSI reading.

Non-air-integrated dive computer systems are more economical and might show to be an excellent alternative if you currently own a pressure gauge. Furthermore, if your air-integrated computer system experiences a problem (an uncommon event) while at depth, you might lose important understanding about what does it cost? The air you have left.

If you choose that you desire an air-integrated dive computer system, it is essential to choose if you will just use air or if you will use a Nitrox mix. If you presently dive using Nitrox or you believe you might use Nitrox eventually, you will require a computer system that enables you to configure the portion of the oxygen in your mix. Nitrox-compatible computer systems work with air-diving because they can be set to reveal 21{0103b92e44c4c6efb3109d341795553ab02499b966d1b66ca3618070f74eb46e} oxygen (central compressed air); basic air dive computer systems cannot accommodate Nitrox. So, if you do not see yourself ever using Nitrox, selecting an air-only dive computer system will alleviate the concern on your wallet.

Mount Style
Dive computer systems have been available in 2 designs: a wrist-mounted and boot installed. There is no right or incorrect when choosing which installing style to acquire. This is a choice that comes down to individual choices and which format you discover to be most suitable for your existing equipment.

Back Lighting
The less standard dive computer systems provide backlighting, which enables you to see your computer system’s display without using your flashlight. This is a benefit function that many motorists will not go without.

Dive Computer Buying Guide

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