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Electric Shaver Buying Guide

Electric Shaver Buying GuideElectric shavers aren’t low-cost. Expect to pay a minimum of $60 for many designs, and $150 or more for some. They’re likewise costly to preserve. You’ll have to change the head every six months to 2 years, at about $25 to $45 each. And when the rechargeable battery does not hold a charge, changing the whole electric shaver is frequently more economical and much more comfortable than changing the battery.

Whether you’re purchasing your very first electric shaver or updating from an older design, browsing in between the vast variety of makes and designs readily available can be mind-blowing. However, do not panic – our electric shaver 101 is here to assist you to choose which features are crucial to you and assist you to limit your options. Rotary or foil? Wet or dry? Mains powered or rechargeable? Keep checking out to discover the very best choice for you!

How does an Electric Shaver work?

Electric razors work more like scissors than basic razors. With your standard razor, the blade cuts through each hair as it scrapes past. In an electric razor, the blades cut hair when they shear versus a metal grating where the hair goes through. However, the skin does not. This serves as a lightning fast set of scissors as it shaves all the hair that goes through the metal grating.


There are some considerable players in the electrical shaving market; Philips, Braun, Panasonic, and Remington to call the most popular. When it pertains to shaving something as important as your face we continuously suggest selecting a relied on and reliable brand, and we are happy to equip the most excellent choice of top quality electric shavers readily available online.

Guys favor one brand over the other, and this boils down to individual choice. However as a basic guideline, when it pertains to rotary razors Philips is the marketplace leader whereas Braun is the crucial gamer for foil electric shavers.

Foil Vs. Rotary

Electric shavers fall under one of 2 classifications; rotary and foil. A foil electric razor made from a thin, curved metal foil that covers a cutting blade. When returning and forth, the foil moves over the shapes of your face while the blade cuts stubble as it pokes through the perforated foil. Foil razors are fantastic if you have a much shorter, thinner beard and wish to attain a close shave every day. They likewise preferred by guys with fragile and delicate skin who are vulnerable to razor burn as they tend to be less severe on the skin. If you struggle with delicate skin pay very close attention to your method and use a quality shave preparation item to secure your skin and assistance avoid inflammation.

A rotary razor, on the other hand, has 3 or 4 round heads which move quickly in a circular movement around your features. Cutters spin listed below the heads as they move over the face, cutting the hair. Rotary razors fit gentlemen with a little longer bristle who do not wish to shave every day. They are likewise more efficient on guys with medium to coarse beard density and harder skin.

Electric Shaver Buying Guide

Features To Look For:

Existing designs provide a wide range of benefit electric shaver features. Examine the electric shaver’s user’s manual for information.

Battery Chargers
A complete battery charge may take anywhere from 1 to 12 hours and ought to offer a minimum of 7 shaves. Some designs permit a five-minute emergency situation charge, helpful for one shave.

Automatic Shutoff
A battery charger that shuts down instantly when the battery charged is a benefit. With some, you have to end as quickly as the electric shaver is charged, or overcharging may lower the battery life.

Power Cord
Some designs let you shave by plugging in the electrical cable, a helpful function if you disregard to charge the battery.

Low-Battery Warning
A charge sign or recharge light on some designs alerts you when the battery is low.

Reduce of Cleaning
The majority of electric razors include a little cleansing brush. Some designs can be rinsed tidy. And some have a self-cleaning system that pumps a sterilizing liquid through the cutters.

Wet and Dry Shaving
Some designs let you shave in the shower.

Long-Hair Trimmer
Many razors have this function for cutting sideburns or other long hair.

U.S. and International Voltage
You can use some electric razors abroad without a converter.

Last Verdict

Every electric shaver is various. However, the same basic guidelines continuously use. The very best method to guarantee a close and comfy shave every day is to select a quality electric shaver, use it correctly and take care of it. It does take some time for your skin to get used to a brand-new shaving regular so provide it time and be relentless. Nevertheless, if your electric shaver’s not matching, you do not suffer in silence. Many leading brand names provide a returns policy so offer us a call if you are still having a hard time after a couple of weeks.

Electric Shaver Buying Guide

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