Epson Home Cinema 5040UBe review

Epson Home Cinema 5040UBe reviewThere are few cinematic experiences that can take on the genuine theater experience. A correctly set up home projector will come quite darn close, and you will not need to wait in line. When HD TVs initially came out, it took a very long time before forecast innovation captured up. This time, things are various. 4k TVs have simply begun to end up being commonplace, and Epson has currently revealed a quite remarkable projector.

The Epson Home Cinema 5040Ube is not the very first 4k projector on the marketplace. It’s not even the very first budget-friendly 4k projector on the marketplace. To this day, 4k projectors have either been extremely costly or did not have vital functions. The Epson 5040Ube is neither of these. With an extremely innovative lens, high vibrant variety, and the current HDCP innovation, Epson has placed this projector to be all set for the development of 4k video in the house. Let’s have a look at see how this projector compares to the competitors.

First Impressions

Even from the outdoors, Epson’s 5040Ube appears like one remarkable piece of innovation. The smooth curves and glossy surface areas of the casing contrast highly with the dramatically angled cooling vents. However, it’s exactly what’s on the within that makes this projector genuinely excellent. Epson’s 3-LCD innovation uses much better color recreation than lots of 4k TVs. Advanced signal processing and aperture control enable an astounding 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. With assistance for HDCP 2.2 and Wireless 4k video broadcast, this projector is likely a long-lasting financial investment that will continue to work with video formats we have not even created yet.


    • Epson PRO-UHD with 4K Enhancement Technology (1) — accepts 4K UHD content and upscales no-4K content to deliver amazing lifelike images with a resolution that exceeds Full HD.
    • Advanced, 3-Chip, 3LCD Design — 3LCD technology ensures no color wheel, no white segment, and no rainbow effect.
    • HDR10 (2) High Dynamic Range and UltraBlack Contrast — full 10-bit color output and a contrast ratio up to 1,000,000:1 delivers an extraordinary range of color and detail in both bright and dark scenes.
    • L*a*b* Ultra Wide Color Gamut — delivers 100{0103b92e44c4c6efb3109d341795553ab02499b966d1b66ca3618070f74eb46e} of the three-dimensional DCI-P3 color gamut (3), the digital cinema standard, with 50{0103b92e44c4c6efb3109d341795553ab02499b966d1b66ca3618070f74eb46e} wider color gamut than Rec. 709.
    • 100{0103b92e44c4c6efb3109d341795553ab02499b966d1b66ca3618070f74eb46e} Balanced Color Brightness — 2,500 lumens of equal color and white brightness (4) for vibrant, rich color, even in rooms with ambient light.

Epson Home Cinema 5040UBe review


The quantity of light produced by the light is an essential consider choosing where you can utilize this projector. Projectors are offered with bulbs that produce in between 1000 and 3000 lumens. A 1000 lumen projector need to be utilized in the dark, or the image will appear rinsed. 2000 lumens are brilliant sufficient to utilize with little ambient light. A single flooring light is a fine example. 3000 lumens can be utilized in a completely lit up space, although would still appear rinsed in brilliant sunshine. The Epson 5040Ube has a 2500 lumen bulb. You can utilize it in basically any house theater, offered you close the blinds.


On the back of Epson’s 4k projector, you’ll discover a relatively basic looking variety of ports. You’ve got 2 HDMI inputs, one VGA input, one USB port, a Serial port, a trigger connection, and lastly a 300mAh optical HDMI input. The optical HDMI port is more than likely for organization usage. It needs a costly active converter that rebroadcasts the video signal over a fiber optic cable television. The main advantage is the long transmission ranges. While it is not extremely widespread in-house usage, Epson did create this projector to be future evidence. You never understand exactly what innovations we’ll be utilizing tomorrow.

The HDMI ports both support HDCP 2.2, an essential requirement for 4k video. The copy defense utilized in 4k needs this procedure. Lots of 4k projectors and TVs do not support it, and will not deal with the 4k streams supplied by Netflix or some cable television business. The VGA cable television may be great to have if you periodically wish to link your laptop computer as much as the projector. However the bad resolutions and analog sound make it a less than concept input. Both the serial port and the trigger connection are for utilizing remotes to manage discussions or slides.

Epson Home Cinema 5040UBe review

There’s another input on this projector. However, you will not have the ability to discover the port. WirelessHD is a freshly upgraded requirement that permits you to stream 4k video over the network. Offered the frequency of mobile computing, it’s extremely most likely that this will be the future of 4k video. Rather of needing to purchase another disk format like Blu-ray, we’ll simply have the ability to utilize our existing computer systems to stream material online.

The bandwidth requirement for WirelessHD with 4k is big, so you’ll most likely have to ensure that you have a high bandwidth router, preferably one that makes use of 802.11 a/c. At the same time, you might simply utilize the consisted of Ethernet plug and utilize a wired network in the meantime. It may appear unusual to utilize something called “WirelessHD” over a wired network. However, this is a fundamental part of the requirement.

Image Quality

The 4k resolution supplies images with unequaled levels of information. Just like “retina” design phones and laptop computers, the pixels are so little with 4k that you are practically not able to identify one from another. The outcome is an image that is razor sharp, with unmatched levels of information. While 4k is the future of video, it’s not precisely a brand name brand-new innovation. Resolution is simply the variety of pixels, not exactly what we can put in those pixels. That’s why the most outstanding function of Epson’s 5040Ube is its capability to replicate HDR images.

HDR means high vibrant variety. It describes the variety of colors that are possible to replicate. TVs and displays produce images by integrating red, green, and blue pixels. There are just a lot of colors that are possible to recreate with these three colors. LCDs develop color by shining a brilliant light through a variety of shutters. The shutters each have either red, green, or blue and are for that reason to replicate the majority of the possible colors. To obtain the whole spectrum, you likewise have to change the brightness of the backlight.


Epson Home Cinema 5040UBe review

This is why LED TVs have a little much better color recreation than LCDs. However HDR display screens can recreate every color on the RGB spectrum. The Epson does this through the usage of 3 LCDs. One for each color, each with their contrast filter. When you integrate this with an adjustable aperture that can manage just how much light is going to the LCDs, the outcome is an exceptionally dynamic display screen. With this innovation, the contrast ratio is an extraordinary 1,000,000:1. This implies that the projector can produce both the inmost blacks and the brightest whites, along with whatever between.


Regrettably, projectors do have one consumable part. The light bulbs tend to stress out after about 2000 to 4000 hours of usage. When they are stressed out, you’ll have to change them. High-end bulbs like the one utilized in this design can cost some hundred dollars to change. Based upon the anticipated lifecycle of these bulbs, you ought to have them to last you about 2 to 3 years each, with routine everyday usage. Even with periodic usage, six years has to do with the limitation. Keeping the bulbs cool is necessary to keep them working. There are effective fans on this projector. Similar to a clothes dryer, you’ll have to open the air filter and knock they dust off as soon as each month or 2.


The lens utilized to forecast your image another necessary part of producing top quality images. An inadequately made lens can be a little fuzzy, totally negating the results of a crisp 4k stream. Other lenses might be sharp, however inflexible. The more focal positions you can set your lens too, the more you can manage the size, shape, and position of your screen. Thankfully, Epson utilized a top quality lens and paired it with a sophisticated signal processor.

Through using 11 various all-glass elements, the lens can focus and out, move the image from side to side along with up and down. The image will stay clear in any position. To conserve you the problem of changing it time and time once again, you can conserve lens positions into memory. This indicates that you might establish a smaller sized screen for everyday usage. In the evening, you can present the cinema projector, press a few buttons to bring up the lens position memory, and your projector will instantly re-calibrate for the big screen.

Epson Home Cinema 5040UBe review

Readily available Media

You can purchase the very best 4k projector on the marketplace. However, you’re going to have to have some 4k material to delight in with it. Sadly, we are not at the point where the 4k video is commonly offered. There are a couple of sources of 4k material. Netflix, for instance, enables you to stream the majority of its self-produced material in 4k. At the time of composing, there have to do with 15 various series overall. You’ll have to be on their greatest tiered strategy, and have a reputable 25Mbit web connection.

Amazon likewise has a little streaming service. However, you’ll have to acquire a Roku or Amazon FireTV streaming stick. There are a little physical media offered, with UltraHD Blu-ray disks ending up being a growing number of widespread. You’ll need to ensure you get a more recent Blu-ray gamer that supports these disks, nevertheless. Lastly, some cable television companies simply have started to introduce the 4k material. With leasings offered from Xfinity and DirectTV, you can anticipate more 4k material in the next year or more.

Final Verdict

Before today, there were very few alternatives for 4k projectors. Whatever on the marketplace was either excessively pricey or missing vital functions. The Epson Home Cinema 5040Ube 4k Projector is the very first budget-friendly projector that can completely use all the functions of this premium video requirement.

Should you purchase it today? This depends on your scenario. If you are establishing your very first home projector, going 4k now makes good sense. The 4k material will be rapidly growing over the next two years, so you’ll be established to enjoy it. High quality 1080p projectors is still rather costly, frequently $1500+. It does not make good sense to go 1080p now and simply upgrade in 2 years. If you currently have a good projector in your home, now may not be the very best time to update. You’ll most likely be seeing primarily 1080p material for a while so that you will not get an instant gain from your purchase.

Epson Home Cinema 5040UBe review

Epson Home Cinema 5040UBe









  • Its quiet. Its mounted about 10 feet above my head. Didn't bother me at all.
  • Image is crystal clear, colors are bright and pop out at you.
  • Wireless HDMI is great as well to save on cable clutter and long cable runs


  • Sometimes problematic on the power on/off button