LG Electronics PH550 Minibeam review

LG Electronics PH550 Minibeam Projector reviewThe LG Minibeam PH550 Projector is best comprehended as a portable big-screen TELEVISION. It simply occurs to utilize a 720p projector rather of a screen for its display screen. The TELEVISION part originates from the integrated TV tuner and the coax adapter for an antenna or cable television.

The mobility originates from the compact size, light-weight, and rechargeable battery. Similar to a lot of TELEVISION’s today, various ports and cordless choices let you link other sources– consisting of PCs, tablets, and phones– so you can utilize it as a basic projector too.


  • HD (1280 x 720)
  • Wireless Connection (with Android O/S, WiDi)
  • Bluetooth Sound Out
  • Built-in Battery (up to 2.5 hrs.)
  • Up to 550 lumens

Picture Quality

Compared To 1080p Televisions and projectors, the PH550’s resolution restricts the information it can reveal. Compared to other 720p projectors in its brightness and weight class, nevertheless, the PH550 provides far much better image quality than many.

Color Preset Modes

The five color preset modes– Requirement, Vivid, Movie Theater, Sport, and Video game– are all adjustable. Each instantly includes (User) to its name if you make any modifications and eliminates the addition if you reset it to its default. There are likewise two user modes, called Specialist 1 and Professional 2 to prevent confusion with the predefined modes with user personalizations included.

LG Electronics PH550 Minibeam Projector review

Data Presentations

Although the PH550 isn’t developed for data presentations, it can quickly manage them. The touch-too-vibrant colors are even less of an issue for organization graphics than they are for video, and the projector holds information well.

One small concern if you link to a PC by HDMI is that you’ll need to switch off overs canning, which is not readily available with a VGA connection, however, is on by default with HDMI. Overscanning makes the image a touch larger, scaling it to a somewhat bigger size by including a couple of pixels. This can be an issue for information images.


With video, over scanning guarantees that the image fills as much of the screen as possible, however, it likewise adds to a soft-focus result. You’ll wish to attempt both settings to see which one you like much better. Beyond that, the PH550 deals with video well.

In addition to its near-excellent to outstanding color quality, it did an excellent task of preventing posterization and held shadow information well, even in the most requiring text clips. When I linked the projector to a FiOS box, I saw just a couple of rainbow artifacts over numerous hours of viewing TELEVISION.

LG Electronics PH550 Minibeam Projector review

TV Tuner

The PH550’s integrated tuner is exactly what makes it a TELEVISION. Utilize the coax input to link to an antenna or cable television, run auto-search to discover offered stations, and you can then enjoy TELEVISION, utilizing the remote to alter channels.

Easy Wireless Connections

LG’s Screen Share supports both Miracast and WiDi for simple cordless connection to phones, tablets, and PCs that provide either choice.

Rechargeable Battery
The integrated rechargeable battery not just makes the PH550 portable. However, it likewise assists make it an especially great buddy to a cellular phone or tablet. LG states a complete charge can last from a little less than an hour with the brightest mode to 2.5 hours with the Optimum energy cost savings mode. Charging a completely released battery takes 3 hours.

Small and Lightweight
The PH550 determines 1.7″ by 6.9″ by 4.3″ (HWD), and weighs just 1.5 pounds consisting of the battery inning accordance with my postage scale. (LG’s main claim is 1.4 pounds.).

Both Bluetooth and a Wired Audio Output. LG states it anticipates many people to utilize external speakers with the PH550, either plugging into the audio output or, most likely, benefiting from the Bluetooth assistance.

Usable Audio
The two 1-watt stereo speakers are indicated as an alternative if you do not have external speakers useful. They provide remarkably premium audio at a volume appropriate for a little space.

Supports Complete HD 3D Input. The PH550’s 3D assistance accepts full HD 3D input from video gadgets, and it instantly changes to and from 3D mode as required. The 3D deals with DLP-Link glasses just.

LG Electronics PH550 Minibeam Projector review

LG rates the PH550 at 550 lumens, however with the hedge that the claim is based upon “the viewed brightness equivalent to the brightness of a light projector.” Simply puts, it does not determine 550 lumens on a light meter. Rather, the score is based on the proposal that the human visual system views the LED light as being brighter than a primary light with the very same determined brightness.

Lamp life
The LED light, ranked at 30,000 hours, is suggested to last the life of the projector.

Set Up
The PH550 tosses a 55″ image from approximately 5.5 feet. You can figure out the toss range for the screen size you desire with the Forecast Calculator.

With the projector resting on a table, the vertical balanced out triggers the centerline of the lens to converge the bottom edge of the image. I determined it as being a bit greater, by a couple of percent of the image height, however well within the usually anticipated variation for private systems. This will work well in a lot of spaces with the projector resting on a table.

If you have to tilt the PH550 to match the screen height, you can remedy the vertical keystone distortion by as much as plus or minus 40 degrees utilizing either automated or manual controls. There is no horizontal keystone correction.

LG Electronics PH550 Minibeam Projector review


The LG PH550 can function as a house entertainment projector for video gaming, viewing films, or linking to a cable television box, and it can do an excellent task as an information projector, even with its native 16:9 element ratio. Its Miracast and WiDi assistance, in addition to it’s integrated battery, likewise make it a great option as a portable projector you can quickly link to with a phone, tablet, or laptop computer that supports either requirement.

If you can surpass the concept that an HDTV needs to have an integrated, large screen, the PH550 is likewise an exceptional option as standalone, 720P TELEVISION, with its tuner, a coax adapter, and a screen that simply takes place to be a projector.

Naturally, 720p is an action down from 1080p, however at the smaller sized screen sizes you’re most likely to be utilized, this is of little effect. And at this writing, there are no 1080p projectors in this size, weight, and cost class anyhow.

The PH550 is little and light adequate to bring with you to view TELEVISION anywhere, and the integrated battery suggests you do not even require a power outlet. Simply include a portable screen and antenna.

The image quality is even sufficient, and the brightness high enough, for the LG PH550 to work as a 55-inch HDTV with the normal ambient light in a living room during the night. Paired with an external speaker– ideally with Bluetooth for a cordless connection– it’s an appealing option for an irreversible, family-room setup.

LG Electronics PH550 Minibeam Projector review

LG Electronics PH550











  • Compact and lightweight
  • Good video and data image quality
  • Abundant port selection


  • 720p resolution is relatively low for an entertainment projector
  • Modest brightness
  • Soft audio