Microsoft Surface Book 2 review

Microsoft Surface Book 2 reviewI always desired Microsoft to develop a laptop computer, and it lastly went on and constructed one with no techniques previously this year. The Surface Laptop has no tricks, no kickstand, and no removable screen. It’s just the very best laptop computer you can purchase today.

That asks the concern: why has Microsoft developed another heavy, gimmicky, yet useful Surface Book? The response depends on who the Surface Book is for, and it’s probably not for everyone.

The most beautiful match for Microsoft’s brand-new Surface Book 2 is Apple’s MacBook Pro. Supplying a response to Apple’s choice, however with Windows-specific strengths like a touchscreen and removable display screen, is indeed why the Surface Book 2 exists. Think it or not, the Surface Book 2 is the very first portable Surface computer system that you can play the most current video games on, however it’s more complicated than merely that.

Aesthetically, the Surface Book 2 looks similar to the very first Surface Book. The Surface Book was always a sizeable 13.5-inch laptop computer that felt like it was edging more detailed to a 15-inch maker, and for that factor, the more significant size oddly feels familiar.

Underneath the display screen is the very same fulcrum hinge from the first Surface Book that extends around the base and has the same unusual space when you close it. It works practically identically to the first Surface Book, enabling you to get rid of the screen and utilize it as a tablet.

Typing on the Surface Book 2 keyboard is a delight. It’s a far much better experience than smaller sized laptop computers as there isn’t any flex below the full-travel secrets, and the spacing feels merely strong. It’s mostly the like the first Surface Book. However, Microsoft hasn’t aimed to repair something that not broken here.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 review

This is the very first Surface item to include USB-C, however oddly, Microsoft hasn’t added Thunderbolt 3, so you still cannot utilize external GPUs or other higher-speed peripherals. It’s exasperating that Microsoft is dumping DisplayPort without including Thunderbolt 3. However, you can at least use the USB-C port to charge the Surface Book 2.

If you plug the Surface Connector in while you’re charging from USB-C, the Connector will take over power tasks. The Connector can likewise be utilized to connect a Surface Dock for numerous displays, Ethernet, and extra USB connections.

While the exterior is familiar, within, the Surface Book 2 is where you’ll discover all of the enhancements, and they include up to a massive distinction over the previous design. Microsoft is lastly utilizing quad-core processors (that most current generation i7 variations from Intel) and an appropriate discrete graphics chip in the kind of Nvidia’s GTX 1060 for the 15-inch variety.

The addition of a specific Nvidia graphics card is the most fantastic modification to the Surface Book 2 for me personally, along with Xbox Wireless assistance. That’s terrific if you’re interested in first VR experiences. However, the Surface Book 2 likewise deals with the newest non-VR video games.

I’ve played Overwatch, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Destiny 2 on the Surface Book 2 and it deals with all three well. I’ve been utilizing an Xbox One controller (without Bluetooth) on the go, and merely bundling it in my bag along with the Surface Book 2. One thing you will require to do is make sure Windows 10’s power settings are set to optimal efficiency, as for some factor Microsoft has set them to most exceptional battery life even when the Surface Book 2 is plugged in.Microsoft Surface Book 2 review

One concern I did run into with the Surface Book 2 is the power supply. There are two batteries inside the Surface Book 2, one in the base and one in the tablet part (screen) itself. Microsoft switched my power supply as it was defective, and I was never able to replicate the same detach issue.

Regardless of the power supply replacement, I was still able to obtain the Surface Book 2 to drain pipes battery even when linked to the wall. This was just under severe heavy load, and the majority of video games cannot press the Surface Book 2 to begin releasing. I do not believe this will be a concern for the majority of people. However, it’s something to be knowledgeable about in case you’re going to utilize this as your primary PC linked to screens and putting pressure on the CPU and GPU.

Video gaming is the only time I have heard the Surface Book 2’s fans. They’re apparent throughout video games or other GPU/ CPU-intensive jobs, however, they appear to do the task as the base of the Surface Book 2 does not get too hot.

Indeed, video gaming without being plugged in will eliminate battery life. I discovered that I navigated 9 hours of battery life with the combined use of apps for work, and no video gaming included. I have not had sufficient time to thoroughly evaluate the battery life of the Surface Book 2 in numerous modes. However, we’ll upgrade this evaluation if the typical strays far from the regular 9 hours I’ve experienced up until now.

Aside from the apparent screen size modification (if you go with the 15-inch design) and efficiency enhancements, there’s little modification somewhere else. The Surface Book 2 is more of an improvement over the initial, which implies a few of the initial problems have been settled, and some have not. Microsoft states the screen must remove quicker with the Surface Book 2 and there must be less wobble with the display screen. However, I’ve discovered no significant distinction in my usage.

The unpleasant hinge space when you close the Book 2 is still there, and the wobble when you touch the screen even exists. I was hoping Microsoft would upgrade the Surface Book to be more just like the brand-new Porsche Design laptop computer, however in spite of internal modifications it’s still mainly the same. Lap usage with the 15-inch feels more well balanced this time around yet, so I’m not worried it’s as leading heavy and will rock forward on my lap.

It’s remarkably light if you do separate the display screen. It’s almost 2 pounds, the weight feels equally dispersed on the 15-inch display screen, and there’s something strangely enjoyable about utilizing such a substantial display screen as a giant tablet. It’s not something I ‘d do routinely. However, it’s a great alternative if you genuinely require it.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 reviewThe Surface Book 2 likewise supports the Surface Pen and Surface Dial. You can even position a Surface Dial on the Surface Book 2 screen to utilize the functions you ‘d typically discover on the brand-new Surface Pro or Surface Studio. Unlike the initial, Microsoft isn’t bundling the Surface Pen with the Surface Book 2, so you’ll have to invest $99 to get that device.

I’m pleased with just how much Microsoft has loaded into the Surface Book 2, however, it’s annoying that I cannot consistently utilize its power to the max. I just recently constructed a devoted video gaming PC, but if this Surface Book 2 included a much better power supply I might quickly utilize it as my primary PC linked to my displays to play the most recent video games or get video modifying done rapidly without fretting the battery might drain pipes. I might never envision doing that with the previous Surface Book (or other portable Surface computer system, for that matter), as it’s just not efficient enough.

That’s why the Surface Book 2 exists.

The Surface Book 2 is a capable monster of a laptop computer that displayed for all the excellent benefits that Windows has over macOS, however, the power supply concern holds it back.

Dell’s XPS 15 made huge Windows laptop computers cooled once again in 2015, and the Surface Book 2 sets the criteria for exactly what must be within. I ‘d still prefer to see Microsoft fine-tune the style more to deal with the hinge and screen wobble entirely, and pack in a much better power supply. It’s unexpected to see the same manner after two years, and I was anticipating more significant modifications and improvements.

The genuine choice of the Surface Book 2 is whether you require this quantity of power and if you’re prepared to invest the money. You’re a most likely choice in between a MacBook Pro and a Surface Book 2 if you do. That’s a choice that’s more about platform choice than hardware. However, Microsoft just made it a lot harder.

Aesthetically, the Surface Book 2 looks similar to the very first Surface Book. The Surface Book, 2 likewise supports the Surface Pen and Surface Dial. You can even put a Surface Dial on the Surface Book 2 screen to utilize the functions you ‘d discover on the brand-new Surface Pro or Surface Studio. Unlike the initial, Microsoft isn’t bundling the Surface Pen with the Surface Book 2, so you’ll have to invest $99 to get that device. The Surface Dial will likewise set you back $99 if you desire to make use of it with the Book 2 and do not currently own a Surface Studio.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 review

Microsoft Surface Book 2











  • Quad-core processor and GTX 1060 graphics. 4K-class screen. Integrated receiver for Xbox wireless controllers. VR-capable graphics.


  • 16GB RAM maximum. Pen is now a separate purchase.