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RC Helicopter Buying Guide

RC Helicopter Buying GuideRunning a radio-control (RC) helicopter is both tough and enjoyable. Enthusiasts devote large quantities of time to burnishing their operating abilities and to preserving their designs. While numerous RC-helicopter lovers can deftly manage their little airplane, purchasers can likewise discover RC helicopters created for those who might be brand-new to the leisure activity.

Selecting the ideal RC helicopter inning accordance with experience and ability level is, for that reason, a crucial element of enjoying this pastime.

Customers can acquire an appropriate RC helicopter by thinking about crucial points such as source of power, pitch, channels, and size. Familiarity with the various construction types readily available for RC helicopters can assist buyers to structure their searches to their choices. RC helicopters are offered from suppliers who concentrate on these products, and a lot of these suppliers note their RC helicopters for sale on websites like eBay, and so on.

Main RC Helicopter Points to Consider

Types of RC helicopters
So, the best ways to select the very best RC helicopter for you? Our guidance is to adhere to pastime grade RC helicopters. Sure, you could get a toy grade one for less expensive. However, these aren’t worth it if you desire a good flyable RC helicopter that will last for several years to come. Toy grade helicopters vary from having two channels (throttle and rudder) to 3 channels (throttle, rudder, and elevator).

They likewise do not have a swash-plate, which is the part of the helicopter that directs the rotor blade, hence significantly restricting directional control. Nonetheless, we have consisted of some toy grade RC helicopters because it can be excellent to practice on, previously rapidly moving onto something much better.

That being stated, even amongst pastime grade RC helicopters, there are three types: Coaxial, repaired pitch, and cumulative pitch. For newbies, the perfect RC helicopter is coaxial.

RC Helicopter Buying Guide

Coaxial: The perfect newbie RC helicopter type
These featured two rotors at the top that turn in opposite instructions. This leads to a canceling of torque response (spinning result) that each rotor has, on the primary body of the copter.

Coaxial helicopters do not need a tail rotor. They are the most steady flying copters amongst the various ranges and are not extremely reactive (or ‘stylish’) to manage inputs and incredibly simple to fly and for that reason, really perfect for novices. You can get them in little to medium size varieties, making them terrific indoor and outside leaflets.

Pros: Easiest to fly and most affordable to buy and fix
The disadvantage: Can not carry out aerobatics and are bad at flying in windy conditions.

Fixed pitch: Best RC helicopters for intermediates
Next up on the ladder concerning problem are ‘repaired pitch’ helicopters. Unlike the coaxial, these have just one rotor at the top. Keep in mind that many coaxial helicopters are likewise ‘repaired pitch,’ the term is utilized to explain helicopters that have a tail rotor (to stabilize for the torque response). However, the ‘pitch’ or angle of attack of the rotors of these kinds of RC helicopters are ‘repaired.’.

Like Coaxial helicopters, the quantity of lift in this kind of helicopter is proportional to the quantity of throttle input or the rotation of the motors. The greater the throttle, the more lift produced. These helicopters likewise are available in little to mid sizes and can be flown inside your home and outdoors.

Pros: Fairly low-cost, can do standard aerobatics and fly in reasonably windy conditions.
The disadvantage: Harder to master than the coaxial and cannot carry out sophisticated aerobatics like cumulative pitch RC helicopters.

RC Helicopter Buying Guide

Collective pitch: Best RC helicopters for innovative pilots.
If you have been taking flight RC helicopters for a while, you may wish to get a cumulative pitch type. With these helicopters, the lift is not produced by upping the throttle. Rather, the ‘angle of attack’ or pitch of the rotor blades are differed to either gain or lose elevation. The spinning speed of the rotor blade is unassociated to the lift produced.

This leads to a ‘stylish’ response to manage inputs. This is exactly what is needed for innovative maneuvers like inverted flying and ‘tic-tock.’ Ever seen a pro-RC helicopter pilot fly an RC helicopter, doing insane insect-like maneuvers? You much better wager they’re flying a cumulative pitch RC helicopter.

Pros: Extremely aerobatic, stylish and can fly in even windy conditions.
The disadvantage: Hardest to master and are costly.

Price, construct quality and accessibility of parts.
The majority of the entry level RC helicopters we’ve noted below for novices come under $100. Some come under $50. It is needless to state that construction quality is necessary. Nevertheless, the ease and price of getting spare parts are typically ignored. Particularly as a newbie, you are most likely to crash while finding out. Thus, this is something important.

Efficiency and variety of channels.
As a newbie, you most likely should not fret excessively about high efficiency yet. However nevertheless, getting an RC helicopter that can fly inside along with outdoors (a minimum of in light wind conditions) might be essential, particularly as an intermediate. You might not get the efficiency level of a cumulative pitch RC helicopter. However, you require some efficiency. Though you can get away with it as a novice, a copter that gets gotten rid of by even the smallest of winds will not permit you to delight in and practice effectively as an intermediate.

Another crucial thing to think about is the variety of channels. Many novice coaxial RC helicopters have been available in 3 channel ranges. These can rise, come down, and progress, backward, up and down. Nevertheless, some copters are available in 4 channel ranges. These have the included capability to turn about its axis.

A 3 channel range RC helicopter ought to suffice for you to delight in and find out as a novice, however, if you are up for it, getting a four channel range would not injure (though these cost more).


Owning and running an RC helicopter can be an amazing activity. Thanks to the wide variety of features offered, both newbies and specialists alike can delight in flying this little airplane. While skilled RC-helicopter owners might understand precisely what to search for in a design, those brand-new to using these gadgets most likely need more assistance. Learning more about the various features for RC helicopters, consisting of the source of power, pitch, channels, and size, assists possible purchasers to comprehend which designs to buy based on their ability level. Awareness of the various kinds of construct designs that sellers provide likewise assists prospective purchasers choose whether to look for total RC helicopters or those that leave a chance for higher personalization.

The kind of helicopter, channels, the source of power, accessibility of parts, building, and accessibility of accessories are the six main points any purchaser need to think about before acquiring an RC helicopter.

RC Helicopter Buying Guide

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