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Table Saw Buying Guide

Table Saw Buying GuidePurchasing a table saw is among the most crucial financial investments a woodworker can make. If you’re in the marketplace for your very first saw or prepared to step up to a much better design, keep reading. We’ll bring you up to speed up on the table saw types and classes, exactly what to try to find in any table saw, and ways to pick a design that fits your woodworking style and budget plan.

The very first thing to comprehend is that unlike a basic saw; a table saw relocations the material to the blade which leads to a far more exact cut. This is because things like the fence and also miter gauge help you throughout all sort of fabrication, and assist you to cut as straight or angled as you desire.

Table Saw Basics

On a table saw, the blade remains in a set position. The operator presses the workpieces past the blade to make cuts. A table saw can make long, directly, rip cuts (with the wood grain) and duplicated crosscuts (throughout the wood grain) a lot more rapidly and precisely than portable circular saws. A table saw can likewise make miter and bevel cuts (angled cuts).

Requirement parts consist of:

– Rip fence: a bar on a table saw that functions as a guide for a workpiece as it moves past the blade.
– Miter gauge: a guide that you can get used to moving the workpiece past the blade for making cuts at particular angles.
– Bevel system: a system that enables you to tilt the blade to make bevel cuts.
– Riving knife: keeps the workpiece from pinching the blade, minimizing the danger of the boards settling back towards the operator
– Anti-kickback pawls: metal arms with teeth that get a workpiece if it sits back towards the operator
– Blade guard: a rotating guard that secures the operator from dust and particles, along with kickback and unintentional contact with the blade.

Portable table saws are the ideal option for framing and deck structure, or for use in stores with restricted area. Fixed table saws normally run in one place as an irreversible function and typically have a bigger table and more features.

When using an extension cable with a table saw, ensure you have an appropriate cable. Follow the device manufacturer’s suggestions for suitable extension cables and see Power Cord Safety Tips.

Table Saw Buying Guide

Table Saw Motors and Drive Configuration

Table saws use one of 2 kinds of drive/motor mixes:

– Direct-drive saws normally have a universal motor that connects straight to the blade and transfers all the power to the blade. These motors are usually discovered on portable table saws. They offer a great deal of power in a little bundle, however, can be extremely loud.
– Belt-drive saws usually include an induction motor and a belt that moves power to the blade. The motor can be balanced out, far from the sawdust, allowing it to last longer. Induction motors are quieter and efficient in cutting denser material. Belt-drive saws need somewhat more preventive upkeep than direct-drive systems– you’ll have to examine the belts for wear and correct stress regularly.

Table Saw Features

The best features can make your saw more effective and streamline your jobs:

– Amps determine the power of the saw motor. Greater amps imply more cutting power.
– Arbor or shaft locks paralyze the shaft and blade, making it a lot easier to alter the blade.
– Dust chutes and blowers assist move sawdust from the workspace.
– Micro-adjust rip fences provide great control over your work.
– Extendable rip fences fold or move out to use broadened rip cutting ability when required
– Mobile stands offer assistance and mobility for the saw.

Table Saw Accessories

Accessories let you use a table saw in a range of applications:

– Rolling stands (image to the right) supply a steady work area for your saw at a task website.
– Mobile bases offer fixed saws movement. The majority of mobile bases have casters that lock to keep the saw fixed when it’s in use. Mobile bases ready alternatives for little stores or stores in shared areas, so you can roll the saw out of the method when it’s not in use.
– Extension tables or supports install to the side of the table saw and offer a bigger more steady work surface area when cutting large stock.
– Dado sets cut wide, straight slots in a single pass. Dados are particularly helpful in joinery and shelving applications.

Table Saw Blades

Many table saws use 10-inch circular saw blades. Various blades are fit for various kinds of cuts and materials. When buying a blade, make certain it works with your table saw and the kind of work you have to do. See our Circular Saw Blade Buying Guide find out about blade types.

The Different Table Saw Types

The very first method to categorize table saws is based on their mobility. Portable designs such as compact and task website table saws get here installed on a stand that typically has transportation wheels. This, together with the folding action enables great mobility. The stand is among the important things I am amazed on portable saws because they all have a special and smart design.

Benchtop saws do not include a stand, however (as their name suggests) they depend on a table or a workbench for assistance. Nevertheless, they are still thought about portable because their little weight and measurement permit them to be gotten and brought from one area to another with relative ease.

Fixed saws consist of Contractor, hybrid, and cabinet table saws. Specialist table saws give confusion since the term is being utilized to describe task website table saws too which are the most rugged in building, however still a far cry from real specialist saws. Hybrid table saws are comparable in some elements to specialist saws, however likewise include some things discovered on full-size cabinet saws which is why many people typically puzzle the 2. While they are comparable on the surface area, it is a various story below the hood. Lastly, cabinet saws are the biggest, heaviest, most robust and effective.

If you’re interested, I have shed more light on the matter in a different post that deals entirely with a table saw types.

Table Saw Buying Guide

The Saw Blades
Saw Blades Table saw blades are typically divided based on their size, arbor size, a variety of teeth, kerf size, speed, application, along with materials utilized in their building. A lot of commercial table saws have either ten ″ or 12 ″ blades while some designs include blades as little as five ″, and as big as one foot.

The variety of teeth is generally in between 24 and 80. Considering that many table saws nowadays can cut through other materials besides wood they frequently have blades which include materials such as carbide, carbon, and (if you have the cash) diamond-tipped teeth. This is a quite substantial topic, so I would advise you have a look at my post on blade fundamentals.

There is another issue that is frequently pointed out in the very same breath as saw blades, which’s: left vs. best tilt. The instructions where the blade tilts can supply you with some benefits, in addition to drawbacks and my handle the entire topic, is gone over in a different short article.

Fence And Miter Gauge
The fence is a vital part of any table saw. In truth, the fence is exactly what offers it the benefit over other kinds of the saw. The most typical type discovered on table saws is a T-square fence which features robust design and excellent precision. Without it, any type of rip cut would be difficult.

If you intend on making cross cuts or any angled cut, you will have to count on your saw’s miter gauge. I will not enter how they work because it would take excessive area here (and you may go to sleep reading it). Nevertheless, you are welcome to read my guide on fences and miter evaluates where I enter into more information about how they work, and how they must be utilized.

Table saws likewise vary from one another based on the kind of motor they have. Smaller sized, portable table saws include direct-drive motors that run on 120V circuits and can produce as much as 2hp which suffices for cutting thinner material sheets.

More effective (and fixed) table saws include motors that produce in between 3 and 5hp and depend on a belt drive to move the power from the motor to the blade. These run on 240V. Checking out specifications revealed in volts, amps, and horsepower is a bit complicated, so I’ve prepared a brief guide which describes how each of these figures out the power of the saw.

Security Features
You do require some security features on your table saw. When you have your hands inches far from a razor-sharp blade that spins at some thousand RPM you have to take care. You ought to likewise bear in mind kickback which occurs when wood binds in between the back of the blade and also the fence, or table.

Security features such as splitters, riving knives, and anti-kickback pawls exist to decrease the possibility of kickback while blade guards and advanced security systems like the one discovered on SawStop’s table saws need to assist you to keep all your fingers undamaged! I have more of these features here.

Dust collection table extensions, on/off switches, wheels that let you manage the height and tilt of the blade, onboard storage, and dust collection systems (to name a few) can be discovered on almost all table saws made by respectable brand names. They can broaden the standard performance of the saw, making it much easier to use like handwheels, or more secure such as on/off switches. You can likewise increase the rip capacity of the saw by connecting an extension table to it. More on these here.

You can turn your table saw into the supreme woodworking device by offering it with a series of upgrades and accessories like a much better blade, or dado blade sets, a router table, crosscut sled, different jigs, molding heads, and so on. It’s tough to cover all these because specialists make them by themselves, and continuously develop brand-new choices which increase the general ability of table saws. Most of these are covered in this post.


Purchasing a table saw is a huge financial investment, and worth mindful factor to consider. You might not have the ability to “evaluate drive” every table saw on your list. However, you can check out evaluations, compare specifications and features, and it does not harm to take the makers credibility into account. When you’re all set to purchase your brand-new dream table saw, Rockler uses a variety of professional saws, hybrid saws and cabinet saws from the most relied on brand names in the business.

Table Saw Buying Guide

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