ViewSonic PRO7827HD review

ViewSonic PRO7827HD Home Theater Projector reviewThe LightStream Pro7827HD is a Complete HD DLP projector that, inning accordance with ViewSonic, has been created to be your brand-new friend for the upcoming season of sport. It’s brilliant, versatile and easy adequate to establish to provide big-screen enjoyable even in reasonably casual living-room environments.

Exactly what’s more, with a cost of simply $500 it’s budget-friendly enough to possibly divert you from that brand-new TELEVISION you might have been thinking of purchasing.


  • Full HD 1080p (1080×1920) 16:9 Home Theater Projector with Rec. 709 Color Accuracy, RGBRGB Color Technology, a 22,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, Digital Horizontal and Vertical Keystone, and a Screen Size from 130-Inches at 12-Feet; up to 210-Inches at 20-Feet
  • Packed with our most advanced color technology, this projector provides an incredibly immersive home cinema experience coupled with ViewSonic’s industry-leading durability and dust-resistance
  • PRO7827HD is the ideal projector for both high definition presentations, vibrant multimedia entertainment, and gaming
  • Sleek design with ViewSonic’s exclusive HDMI-streaming PortAll dongle, up to 6,500 amp hours (Eco mode), large built-in 10W speaker, 1.3x optical zoom, and a muted black finish
  • 1.1~1.5 throw ratio; 4.2 – 46.9 ft. throw distance; USB 2.0 Type A, 3.5mm Audio In/ Out, RS-232, HDMI 1.4, HDMI MHL (x2), Composite RCA In, Mini USB, Micro USB; Product Dimensions: 12.44 x 8.98 x 4.08 Inches
  • 3-year limited warranty on parts and labor, 1-year limited warranty on lamp, 1st-year free Express Exchange service with product registration; Box includes PRO7827HD Projector, Power Cable, VGA Cable, Remote Control with Batteries, Quick Start Guide, ViewSonic Wizard CD
  • Compatible with Mac, and Windows, can be connected to DVD players, Blu-ray players, Amazon FireTV, AppleTV, Google Chromecast and more

ViewSonic PRO7827HD Home Theater Projector review


The Pro7827HD is remarkably simple to establish. The star of the program is the big knob on the leading edge of the gadget, which lets you optically move the image vertically up or down. Optical vertical image moving is extremely beneficial, yet it’s rarely discovered on projectors costing less than $976. And it’s virtually unprecedented in the sub- $732 markets.

The projector likewise uses keystone-correction choices to assist you to get the edges of its images perpendicular, however ideally, you will not need to utilize it thanks to the vertical image moving.

Likewise, the Pro7827HD’s relatively short-throw lens must show useful in many living-room setups, enabling you to place the projector close enough to your screen or, at a push, a wall to keep it clear of the legs of all your sports-loving mates.

There’s a reasonable quantity (1.3 x) of optical zoom, too, and the focus and zoom rings are both adjusted all right to support relatively delicate modifications.

For finest image outcomes, I ‘d recommend utilizing the Rec 709 mode for dark-room motion picture watching and making certain the light is set to its Eco mode. For brilliant spaces utilize the vibrant setting, particularly if you see the sport.

One mode I suggest you prevent is the light’s SuperEco mode– bizarrely, this typically makes images appear darker than the Eco mode, while concurrently making fan sound louder. Go figure.

ViewSonic PRO7827HD Home Theater Projector review

Picture Quality

The weird mix of service and home-entertainment includes the Pro7827HD provides suggested I had a little-preconceived concept of exactly what its photos would appear like. However, it rapidly emerges that it’s an even more gratifying film projector than I ‘d anticipated for the cost.

It surpasses the large bulk– if not all– of its likewise economical DLP forecast peers in 2 important locations. Initially, the black-level action is incredibly guaranteed. Utilizing the Eco light mode and Rec 709 film photo pre-programmed, the Pro7827HD produces dark scenes that are far less harmed by low-contrast grey misting than is typical for the sub-$732 level of the marketplace.

In reality, there are a valuable couple of projectors under $1,220 that can produce black colors as deep and persuading as those you obtain from a smartly established Pro7827HD.

This black-level depth does not come at the cost of stability or shadow information, either. Simply puts, when utilizing the Eco light mode, you’re not sidetracked by apparent dives in the total brightness of the sort you ‘d frequently see with budget plan projectors that utilize vibrant brightness systems to increase their contrast. Nor does extreme subtle greyscale and detail info end up being “squashed out” of the darkest parts of the image.

This latter discovery assists dark scenes in looking more practical and more well balanced precise terms with brilliant scenes, to produce a more constant watching experience.

The other huge benefit of the Pro7827HD versus most likewise low-cost DLP projectors is that its images show extremely little proof of the rainbow result, where stripes of red, green and blue flicker over strong image components.

While the Pro7827HD sticks out with its contrast and absence of rainbowiViewSonic PRO7827HD Home Theater Projector reviewng, it’s remarkable somewhere else too.

Colour efficiency is excellent. Tones look noticeably natural and well balanced, even where challenging complexion are worried, closing issues that the Pro7827HD’s colors would be adjusted to match PC instead of video usage.

That’s not to state it isn’t a capable sufficient information projector, as I’ll cover later on. However, there’s no doubt that the Pro7827HD comprehends and takes video’s particular color needs seriously.

More great news discovers the Pro7827HD’s images suffering less than I ‘d have anticipated with the green speckling noise/low-level fizzling in dark locations frequently seen with spending plan DLP projectors. In reality, from a typical watching range, you’re not familiar with it at all.

Contribute to all this great light harmony throughout the image and nice little fan sound when utilizing the Eco light setting, and it’s tough to think you’re enjoying a $732 projector.

In an ideal world, the Pro7827HD’s Complete HD photos would look a touch crisper, and there’s likewise periodic judder throughout video camera pans– although rarely to a genuinely disruptive degree. White parts of an image can display indications of clipping (lost information) too, and there’s more color banding in backgrounds than you ‘d anticipate seeing on a more superior projector. However, when these are the only grievances you can raise about a sub-$732 projector’s video photos; you understand you’re a winner.

Up until now, I have focused on the Pro7827HD as a motion picture device– and it’s the case that spending plan projectors that do films well have a hard time to provide a persuading efficiency in a brilliant space. However here, once again, the Pro7827HD goes beyond expectations.


ViewSonic PRO7827HD Home Theater Projector review

Pressing the light approximately its Dynamic setting injects enough additional brightness into the photo to offer you images that still look respectably punchy and distinctive, even if there’s a degree of ambient light in your space. Which is, obviously, excellent news if you have a couple of mates round to enjoy a Euro 2016 match and do not desire everybody to need to be in overall darkness.

I ought to state that the Dynamic mode ups the projector’s running sound substantially, however, this will not show as much of a problem for enjoying sports occasions as it provides for films.

Lastly, although I have focused mainly on the Pro7827HD’s photos from a video viewpoint offered ViewSonic’s desire to market it as a home-entertainment device, it’s likewise adept as a discussions gadget.

The small absence of sharpness can leave little text looking a touch fuzzy; however, aside from that, the Pro7827HD uses adequate brightness with a few of its light modes as well as sufficient versatility with its color settings to provide presentations more than efficiently, making it a real all-rounder. Something you will not typically stumble upon in the Pro7827HD’s level of the marketplace.

ViewSonic PRO7827HD Home Theater Projector review

ViewSonic PRO7827HD











  • The Viewsonic PRO7827HD has excellent total image quality with exceptional black levels and contrast for the cash. A shorter-throw lens assists it to predict a bigger image in smaller sized areas, and the connection is the very best in its class.


  • Even worse video gaming lag and movie cadence than numerous projectors we have actually checked.